Thursday 8 January 2015

Geological Society meeting

Members of the Burial Research Consortium attended the recent conference on Near Surface Geophysics and Forensic Geoscience, a Specialist sub-group meeting of the Geological Society of London on the 2nd and 3rd December 2014.

The following work was presented:

Geophysical monitoring of simulated clandestine graves using electrical and group penetrating radar methods: 4-6 years.
Pringle, J. Jervis, J. Roberts, D. Dick, H. Cassidy, N. and Cassella, J.

Geophysical detection and analysis of mass burial and clandestine graves within the Cementerio del Salvador, Oviedo, Spain.
Roberts, D. Fernandez Alvarez, J. and Pringle, J.

Quantifying geophysical response of graves against burial age: electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility and GPR methods.
Van Der Putten, R. Locher, P. Evans, G. Kerr, M. Beard, D. Wisniewski, K. Pringle, J. and Goodwin, J.

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